Dreamland Blackberries sweetest and juicy gift of our farms

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Blackberries Season

Dreamland blackberries belong to the <<Tupi>> variety, the favorite one of all blackberry varieties. This variety is a hybrid from the Comanche and Uruguay varieties. <<Tupi>> stands out from the rest of the blackberries for its large size, delicious and sweet flavor, and a delicate but firm texture. Its growing period, that takes place all year round, allows consumers to enjoy its flavor any time.

In Dreamland, we have blackberries available all year long, which allows us to supply any part of the world when the production in other countries has stopped. At Dreamland, we have selection lines, and a system that allows placing them immediately in refrigeration, in order to offer a product with an exquisite flavor and unrivaled appearance.


Availability of Blackberries

The charts below will tell you which products are available today and which ones are coming soon. Be sure to book your shipments early.

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Packaging And Traceability Of Blackberries.

Ours produce is your quality market

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