Our Growers

Dreamland Berry farms is a grower-owned producer of wholesome, good-for-you fresh berries grown by working family farmers. Whether they oversee a small family homestead or a large estate, our farmers define themselves less by commercial success and more by their close harmony with nature. Together, this group of passionate farmers was born out of the desire to unite their efforts.
As a group, the growers are able to provide consistent and diverse seasonal crops. By sharing resources, skills, labor and knowledge, we are better farmers


Ours Farmers

  • Our farms

    Our farms meet or surpass, the most stringent requirements and regulations for both growing and packing our berries.

  • Our growers

    Dreamland berries are grown in a natural environment. Our growers therefore have to face the daily challenges that nature has to offer. Due to their extensive experience and expertise the growers know how to plant and cultivate in the best possible manner.

  • Food safety

    Dreamland works closely with all of our certified growers and packers to ensure compliance with food safety standards


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